A lucid Samskrit commentary on selected inspirational 25 Mantras. The Mantras are chosen from Yajurveda, Ṛ gveda- sa ṃ hitā, Ka ṭ hopani ṣ at and Arthava-vedasa ṃ hitā.
Author – Dr. M. Jayaraman
Table of content  (selected)
1. सवदतनतयसङङ गङरदनमनपङरयक मनतङरक
2. वव ददकतदक वदचक तङरयक गग णदक
3. औपननषदक यदगक
4. नकक तपक?
5. अनग करणणयदक कव ?

Price: 100/-

cover page Karikakar

The famous ślokās in the tradition which are useful to understand different darśanās and the ślokās which elucidate meaning of technical terms such as sūtra, bhā ṣ ya, gu ṇ a etc. are collected and commentated in the book.
Author – Dr. Tilaka M. Rao
Table of content  (selected)
1. ददररननककदनरकदक
2. वव यदकरणकदनरकदक
3. लदकनणकदनदकदनरकदक

Price: 100/-


It illustrates the It-sa ṃ jñā of A ṣṭ ādhyāyī and its different sections in lucid Samskrit.
Author – Dr. Tilaka M. Rao
Table of content  (selected)
1. इतसक जद
2. इतसक जकवणदरक
3. इतसक जदयदक पङरयदजनम
4. गणपदठव ष
5. आदव रदगमयदक
6. पङरतययव षग

Price: 70/-


Pratyaksha (perception) is one of the three principal means of knowledge. Valid perceptual knowledge is also called Pratyaksha. The book explains Pratyaksha from Advaita Vedānta perspective.
Author – Vi. Pushkara Devapujari
Table of content  (selected)
1. यतसदकददपरदकदतङ बङरह
2. आतमनक जदनसवरपतवव आकव पदक
3.  आतमनक पनरचछव दकलपनम
4.  ररणरसय पनरचछव दकतवव ददषदक  
5. अनतककरणसय सवरपमङ …… .. and so on.

Price: 150/-


śrutiśobhā is a multilingual (Samskrit & English) journal published once in a year. It contains many articles written by eminent scholars. It is published in 2014.
Author – Dr. Tilaka M. Rao
Table of content  (selected)
1. Symbolism of the inverted tree  
2. पग रदणव षग अषटदङङ गयदगसवरपम
3. अपवददतवनवषयव अपपययदणनकतदनभमतक नवचदरक  
4.  Development of Implicit measure for virtue

Price: 150/-


śrutiśobhā is a multilingual (Samskrit & English) journal published once in a year. It contains many articles written by eminent scholars. It is published in 2015.
Table of content  (selected)
1. कथक पग रषदतम इनत
2. नतरककगरलगङरनथव यदगरदसतङरनवचदरदक
3.  The philosophical discourses in the Buddhacharita of Asvaghosa.
4.  Concept of light detailed by Swami Vedanta Desika of thirteenth century

Price: 150/-


śrutiśobhā is a multilingual (Samskrit & English) journal published once in a year. It contains many articles written by eminent scholars. It is published in 2016.
Table of content  (selected)
1. अगनयदनदनम  
2. अनगनक अनगनपङरभव ददशच
3. Effect of Yajna on atmosphere
4. Sri Madhva on the Yajnachakra

Price: 150/-


śrutiśobhā is a multilingual (Samskrit & English) journal published once in a year. It contains many articles written by eminent scholars. It is published in 2017.
Table of content  (selected)
1. वव ददनतरदसतङरदनग सदरक मनक
2.नदनयदतदऽनसत दङरषटद इनत रङरतयथरनवचदरक
3.  पङरदचणनदननगमपदनतक
4. वयदवहदनरकसक सककतव पङरददव नरकभदषदपङरभदवक

Price: 100/-

Prof. V. Kutumba Sastry

Vempati Kutumba Sastry is a renowned Samskrit scholar. He was the Vice-Chancellor of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, for the period 2003 to 2008. He is the president of the International Association of Sanskrit Studies. He was a member of the organizing committee of the fifteenth World Sanskrit Conference. He is a member of the governing board of Wider Association of Vedic Studies. He is on the editorial board of Indological Taurinensia, which is the Journal of the International Association of Sanskrit Studies, published from Torino.


Anandateertha V. Nagasampige is a well-known scholar in pracheena and naveena nyaya & dvaita vedanta. He studied under his holiness Sri Vishveshatirtha Swamiji. He served as a research assistant in Oriental Research Institute, University of Mysore. Now he is serving as the director of Poornaprajna Samshodhana Mandiram, Bengaluru.

Vidwan. Dr. H. V. Nagaraja Rao

Vidvān H. V. Nagaraja Rao is a retired researcher of the Oriental Research Institute Mysore. He is a world authority on Sanskrit grammar and poetics. He is the editor of numerous Sanskrit works and has translated many Sanskrit works into English and Kannada, including, Ruyyaka’s Alaṃkārasarvasvam.

Prof. Ramesh Chandra Panda

Prof. Ramesh Chandra Panda is currently professor in Banaras Hindu University and Ex. Dean faculty of sanskrit learning, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He has 34 years of teaching experience and 36 years of administrative experience. He was the vice-chancellor of Maharshi Panini Sanskrit Evam vedic VIshwavidyalaya,Ujjain. He has guided more than 30 students for Phd. He has published many articles in research journals as well as has presented many papers in national and international conferences.

Prof. Mallepuram G. Venkatesh

Prof. Mallepuram G. Venkatesh Former Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka Samskrit University. He is an eminent scholar in Kannada as well as proficient in Gamaka. He held membership in various councils. He was Honorary secretary of Gandhi Peace Foundation. He was director of Samvit Research Center, Rashtrothana Sahitya Parishat, Bangalore. He has published more than seventy books. He has published more than sixty research articles and also guided students for Phd. He has presented many papers in national and conferences. He was awarded many honours.

Prof. Shrinivasa Varakhedi.

Prof. Shrinivasa Varakhedi is currently the vice chancellor in Kavikulaguru Kalidasa Samskrit University, Nagpur. He is well versed in Nyaya Shastra and Dvaita Vedanta. He received the Maharshi Badarayan Vyas Samman – an award given by the President of India in 2008 and Swami Chinmayananda Gold medal in 2013.

Professor B. Mahadevan

Professor B. Mahadevan is Professor B. Mahadevan is a professor of Operations Management at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, where he has been teaching since 1992. Professor Mahadevan has more than 23 years of wide-ranging experience in teaching, research, consulting, and academic administration at IIM Bangalore and other reputed institutions such as IIT Delhi and XLRI, Jamshedpur. He was a visiting scholar at the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, in 1999–2000. He was also a retainer consultant to Deloitte Consulting LLP, USA, in 2001–2002. He was earlier Chief Editor of theIIMB Management Review Professor Mahadevan was a member of the Central Sanskrit Board, an advisory body to the Ministry of HRD, Department of Education on all Sanskrit policy issues in the country.

Dr. Ramachandra G. Bhat

Dr. Ramachandra G. Bhat is a much-accomplished personality. He is the president of Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthanam. He has an M.A. and Ph.D. in Sanskrit. He is a Vidwan in Vedanta and Nyaya Darshanas. He has graduated in English, Economics and History, and also has a B.Ed in Hindi. Having a teaching experience of 38 years and a research experience of 15 years, his passion is Yoga and the Gurukul system. These are reflected in the fact that he was the Vice-chancellor of the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Sansthana and Director of Veda Vijnana Gurkulam , Chennanahalli. He has been the Principal of the Gurukul for the past 12 years. He firmly believes that the gurukul system of education is the best to inculcate good value system in young minds and also for physical and mental development. Among his many accomplishments, he has also been a Spiritual Guide for the School of Philosophy of Dublin and Ireland.

Prof. Dr. Nagaraj Paturi

Prof. Dr. Nagaraj Paturi is the Director, Inter-Gurukula-University Centre for Indic Knowledge Systems and he is BoS, MIT School of Vedic Sciences, Pune, Maharashtra and BoS, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, Veliyanad, Kerala He has been the co-convener of Veda Vijnana Vedika which is an organization dedicated to popularizing Vedic Sciences through monthly seminars and occasional symposiums. He completed several own, collaborative and consultation research projects and has around 35 publications and 45 paper presentations to his credit. He is trained in Sanskrit by his hyper-polyglot, polymath and spiritualist father. He is seriously committed to the transmission of Vedic Sciences among the present generation.

Prof. K. Narahari

Prof. K. Narahari was a professor in an engineering college. He served as Student Welfare Officer in BMS College, Bengaluru. He is President of BMS College of Engineering Employees. He Served as a Member of Legislative Council for two times, electing from the Teacher’s Constituency. 

Sri V Nagaraj

Sri V Nagaraj An active worker of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for the past 44 years. Served as Kshetriya Bauddhik Pramukh of Dakshina Madhya Keshtra (South Central Zone) comprising the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. He is an Hon. Secretary of the Mythic Society, a Century old and internationally known Society for studies in History, Archeology, Mythology with a Library. He is a Member of the Karnataka Ithihasa Academy (R.)., Bangalore. He is a former Hon. Editor of Science Poster Project on Ancient Indian Science – A joint venture of Govt. of Karnataka and Karnataka Secondary School Teachers’ Association. His articles on Ancient Indian Scientists have been published in Encyclopedia Britannica Indian Student edition. Articles on great personalities have appeared in periodicals. He has written a book on Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose. He has lectured on Ancient India’s contribution to science in more than 300 Schools and Colleges throughout Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Sri M.P. Kumar

Sri M.P. Kumar, Founder and CEO at Global Edge Software, is driven by a powerful desire for engineering intelligence into things. A true visionary, Kumar has been instrumental in building strategic alliances with industry partners and investors. He has helped the company grow since its inception in 1992, enabling close alliances with global enterprises through the journey. With a keen understanding of the dynamics at play in the competitive technology landscape, Kumar steers Global Edge to stay well beyond industry standards and market changes. Given his unparalleled experience, Kumar has mentored numerous technology start-ups and is a speaker of renown at several industry forums. With a dream of technological development he is set on connecting the world with intelligence.

Dr. Veeranarayana N.K. Pandurangi

Dr. Veeranarayana N.K. Pandurangi is currently Registrar (I/c) at Karnataka Samskrit University, Bengaluru. He hails from the Pandurangi family that has contributed highly to the development of philosophies of Dvaita Vedānta and Nyāya over the last five hundred years. Veeranarayana Pandurangi is a well-versed scholar in Nvya Nyāya Śāstra and Dvaita Vedānta. He worked as a researcher in French Institute of Pondicherry. He worked as an associate professor in the Department of Darshanas, JR Rajasthan Samskrit University, Jaipur where he was the head of the department and Dean of Darshan Faculty. His research interests are in the fields of Indian Logic, Dvaita Vedānta, Pūrva Mīmāṃsā, Ancient Indian History, Machine translation where he has contributed by publishing many books and papers in various journals. He founded Bharatiya vidvat parishat with Shrinivas Varakhedi in 2009. He received the Badarayana Vyas Samman from President of India in 2011.

Prof. K. S. Kannan

Dr. K.S. Kannan is the Academic Director of Swadeshi Indology Conference Series organized by Infinity Foundation India. A renowned scholar of Sanskrit, he was formerly the Director at Karnataka Samskrit University, Bangalore., and has a rich teaching experience of over 35 years in the National College, Bangalore. He is a Nominated Member of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla. Amongst the various recognitions he has received, is the title “Vidyānidhi” conferred by HH Rangapriya Swamiji and the International Merit Award for a paper on Machine Translation.

Dr. Jayaraman Mahadevan

Dr. M Jayaraman is Director of Literary Research Department at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram and a senior yoga teacher. He is an expert in the diverse philosophy of Yoga and in healing chants. He has presented papers on Yoga at many International Seminars & workshops at India and abroad… He has translated unpublished manuscripts on yoga which were published by KYM. He has also authored books. His research papers have been published by reputed international yoga research journals. He holds a doctoral degree in Sanskrit.

Sri M. S. Chaitra

Sri M. S. Chaitra is an Ecologist currently working as Fellow, Development Foundation, and Bangalore. Chaitra’s research currently involves understanding the crisis of biodiversity and its impact on human society in human dominated degraded semi-arid tropics. Current research programmes also involve addressing issues related to Development studies, politics of development environment conflict, post-development alternatives. He has worked with University of Mysore, Utkal University, Tumkur University, Wildlife Institute of India, CCMB-Hyderabad and Center for Ecological Sciences at IISc. Other than the core areas mentioned, he has also contributed to education policy and governance as the Director of Centre for Educational and Social Studies.

Dr.Ganesh Eshwara Bhat

Dr.Ganesh Eshwara Bhat is a renowned scholar in Advaita Vedanta. He studied under His Holiness Sri Gangadharendra Saraswati Swamiji, Swarnavalli. He is member in various committees. He studied the Krishna Yajurveda thoroughly. Currently he is working as assistant professor in Advaita Vedanta Dept. in Rajiv Gandhi Campus, Sringeri. He authored a book named Jagadguru Vijayam, a poetic work. He has edited 7 books and has written several research articles in Sanskrit and Kannada languages. He participated in many Vakyarthasabhas. Especially he has been participating in Mahaganapati Vakyarthasabha in Sringeri. He has received Dharmatma Dr Vaidyasubrahmanya award in 2017.

Shrimati V. Bhat

Shrimati V. Bhat is principal at the higher education center of Maitreyi Gurukulam. She had been a volunteer in Hindu seva pratishtana. She holds a master degree in Sanskrit.

Dr. Vinayachandra B. K

Dr. Vinayachandra B. K., is presently the associate professor in Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthanam. He is also the co-founder of Ritambhara Yogashala and Takshashila Institute of India Studies along with Dr. Anuradha Choudry. Vinayachandra has a PhD on psychological insights in the Vedas from Pondicherry University, Masters’ in Sanskrit, English, Yogic Science and Applied Psychology. Earlier he has worked as teaching/research faculty at Development Foundation, Centre for Indian Psychology, Jain University, Karnataka Knowledge Commission and SVYASA Yoga University, Bangalore.

Dr.Mahabaleshwar Bhat

Dr.Mahabaleshwar Bhat is currently an assistant professor in Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthanam as well as working as the Principal of Veda Vijnana Gurukulam, Bangalore. With his expertise in the field of Vedanta and Purva Mimamsa, two important classical philosophical systems of India, he endeavors to bring the essential aspects of these teachings and make them relevant to our current times. He presented papers in several national and international seminars. Recently he participated and presented his paper in world samskrit conference which was held in Canada. He has authored a book called Devataayatana Vimarsha.

Dr. Tilaka M. Rao

Dr. Tilaka M. Rao is currently an assistant professor and Director in charge in Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthanam. He underwent 12 years of rigorous training in Vedic literature covering 10 major Upanishads in Prabodhini Gurukula and Veda Vijnana Gurukula in Karnataka along with training to chant the entire kavya-yajurveda (Taittiriya recession). In addition, he had the opportunity to study many important works from classical Sanskrit including Kavya, Panini’s Astadhyayi, and philosophical systems including Vedanta, Nyaya, Samkhya and Yoga.

He was awarded a gold medal in Masters (Sanskrit) and JRF to pursue Ph.D. on the Utsarga-apavada principle in Astadhyayi. He has authored 3 books and many research papers. He has worked as an Assistant Professor at the MIT School of Vedic Sciences, Pune. He is a visiting faculty of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science, Dublin, Ireland.

Vadiraja K S

Vadiraja K S is currently project associate in Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthanam. He underwent 12 years of rigorous training in Vedic literature covering 10 major Upanishads in Prabodhini Gurukula and Veda Vijnana Gurukula in Karnataka along with training to chant the entire kavya-yajurveda (Taittiriya recession).

He got third place at state level Aṣṭādhyāyī competition. He has memorized and submitted the whole 700 verses of the Bhagavadgita in Sringeri math and got blessed by his holiness Sri Bharatitirtha Swamiji. He has passed NET examination. He has completed B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Yoga as well as B.A., M.A. M.Phil. in Advaita Vedanta. Presently he is pursuing Ph.D.

R. S. Srinivasan

R. S. Srinivasan is currently librarian in Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthanam. He has studied in Veda Vijnana Gurukulam for seven years. He Holds degree and master degree in Advaita Vedanta as well as he has studied yajurveda (Taittiriya recession) thoroughly.

                    Sri Chamu. Krishna Sastry

                    Chamu. Krishna Shastry has played key role in revival of Samskrit. He is one of the founders of “Speak Samskrit Movement” and has inspired thousands of volunteers to learn and teach Samskrit through the unique tool – “Sambhashana Shibiram” (10 Day – Speak Samskrit Classes). He is the General Secretary of Samskrita Bharati which has branches across the country. He had been a Member of the Grant and Aid Committee under MHRD, Govt of India and associated with National Council of Educational Research and Training, Central Board of Secondary Education and various State Boards in connected with Samskrit Education. He is the Trustee Secretary of Samskrit Promotion Foundation. He is awarded with Padmashri.

                    Sri Y. K. Raghavendra Rao

                    Sri Y. K. Raghavendra Rao is a managing trustee of Janaseva Trust. He is an advocate in high court and also revenue consultant.

                    Sri K.G. Subbarama Setty

                    Sri. K.G.Subbarama Setty, is Chairman of Komarla Feeds and Foods Pvt. Ltd. and also he is President in Janaseva Trust, Bangalore. He is a graduate in B.Sc textiles. He has held several senior executive positions in multiple organizations. He was the former president of Karnataka roller flour mills association and was an active member for 20 years between 1969 & 1988. He served as the President of Roller Flour Mills Federation of India, New Delhi. He was the president of Federation of Karnataka Chambers Of Commerce and Industries (FKCCI) in 1974 representing the business and industry fraternity. Mr. K.G. Subbarama Setty took over the family business from his father Mr. Komarla Ganga Setty in the year 1951 and had been instrumental in expanding and modernizing the flourmill with latest technologies. He is an ex- senate member of the Bangalore University. He has constantly served the community by holding positions as president, treasurer, secretary and trustee, of several non-profit organizations.

                    Sri A. S. Nirmal Kumar

                    Sri A S Nirmal Kumar is an Hon’ble Secretary of Janaseva Tust.

                    Sri Tippeswamy N.

                    Sri Tippeswamy N. is a retired electronic engineer from Karnataka Industrial Area Development. He is a managing trustee of Vanavasi Kalyana Ashrama, Karnataka and management member in Mythic Society, Abalashrama and Amrutha Shishu Nivasa. He is the president of Keshava Krupa Samvardhana Samithi. He has developed his village under the caption of Nanna Grama Nanna Tirtha.